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Foshan Shunde Nabang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in the economically developed Pearl River Delta hinterland - Guangdong Shunde Ronggui High-Tech Industrial Park, the environment, convenient transportation, Shunde strong industrial base, especially in the field of home appliances, supporting sophisticated, famous National .

The company was established in March 2003, plant area of more than 7000 square meters, with professional management, technical personnel 50 people, more than 300 employees. Strong technical force, the introduction of the world's most advanced technology, information fast, sophisticated matching of advanced production equipment, standardized management, are a collection of scientific research, design, production, marketing and service in one household electrical appliance enterprises, professional to create "state licensing" and "China card" multi-function electric cookers, rice cookers and other products. And in August 2007 to develop my unique patented structure Division election intelligent electric pressure cooker pressure.

The company's products have been the "China Compulsory Certification (CCC)" certificate, CB, CE certification, all products are the people of China Property Insurance Company insurance products liability insurance, and in December 2006 the United Nations procurement supplier.

The Company also many famous enterprises at home and abroad to provide OEM and ODM production services, in order to ensure the quality of the product to meet customer requirements, a comprehensive introduction of the international advanced management concepts, the implementation of scientific and standardized management, and in accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system production process monitoring, product design, raw materials into the plant, processing, installation, testing, after-sales service aspect, etc. are subject to strict quality management and control.

"Strive for perfection, achieve win-win situation, based on China, the world" is our goal. Magne company spirit of "quality to do, good faith first" purpose, to win customers at home and abroad with the support and trust of users. All my colleagues in my company will, as always, to share with you the joy of enterprise development, to join hands in creating brilliant tomorrow!

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